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Recurrent pregnancy loss?? You are not alone , We can help you...

What is recurrent pregnancy loss?

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a problem which comes when a female has had two or more miscarriages repeatedly. It is one of the most annoying problems in the field of reproductive medicine. The old term for recurrent pregnancy loss is habitual or repeated abortion. Kasturi multispecialty hospital has provided all kinds of pregnancy treatment facilities in Hyderabad.

What are the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss?

The most common cause of recurrent pregnancy loss is when embryo receives an abnormal number of chromosomes while fertilization.  This condition can happen by randomly. 50-70 % females are not able to show any cause of recurrent pregnancy loss. The other causes are

·         Hormonal imbalance

·         Chromosomal abnormalities

·         Polycystic ovary syndrome

·         Physical illness

·         Uterus problems

·         Immune system problems

·         Lifestyle of the female

Is recurrent pregnancy loss is associated with any other genetic problems?

Sometimes, due to translocation one partner has abnormal chromosomes in their eggs or sperm. This condition provides too little or too much genetic material to the embryo and leads to a miscarriage.

Any medical condition which increases the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss?

Certain medical conditions in a female can increase the risk of recurrent pregnancy loss. They are

·         Anti-phospholipid syndrome (autoimmune disorder)

·         Diabetes mellitus

·         Polycystic ovary syndrome

How to diagnosis recurrent pregnancy loss?

A patient medical history and past pregnancies provide all the information. A complete physical examination that includes a pelvic test also performed. Blood test and genetic test also performed to analyze the genetics of recurrent pregnancy loss. Imaging test is also prescribed to detect uterine problems.

What kind of treatment available for recurrent pregnancy loss?

There are some treatments available for reducing recurrent pregnancy loss. They are

·         Genetic counseling

·         Pre implantation genetic diagnosis

·          Corrective surgery

·         Medication that prevents blood clotting

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