Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Treatment for Ovulation Disorders

Women approaching hospitals for a treatment that would cater to the need of being able to conceive a child is increasing. The problems associated with such cases may be different, ranging from improper copulation to improper working of any of the organs that play some role in pregnancy.

What is ovulation induction?
In some women, the problem might be associated with the formation of eggs. Ovulation induction is a solution to this. This procedure promotes the ovaries to produce eggs so that there are better chances of fertilisation happening after a sexual intercourse. This treatment is generally suggested to women who have low rates of hormones for ovulation or for those completely lacking ovulation.
Generally, ovulation induction consists of Clomiphene Citrate, which is an oral drug. This promotes the growth of follicles which would ultimately lead to the formation of eggs. This proves to be effective in most of the women with the issues of not ovulating at all or low production of hormones during ovulation. If this treatment is a failure, then the use of gonadotropins is suggested. These are taken by injections under the skin. This is capable of replacing FSH and would be a solution to the issue of ineffectiveness or lack of FSH.
The progress of the treatment is monitored throughout to see if the cycles of ovulation, produce the required effects. For this reason, the ovulation cycles during the treatment are known as monitored cycles.

KasthuriMulti Speciality- Obstetrics & Gynaecology is a hospital that has proved its capability in dealing with the different issues involved in obstetrics. The clinic deals with medications ranging from the use of clomid to FSH to deal with the issues involved in ovulation.

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